Wedding Dress Storage due to Wedding Delay

Delayed Wedding?

Wedding Dress Storage during Covid

If you have been forced to make the very difficult decision to postpone your wedding and have already bought your wedding dress you are probably worried about what to do with it between now & then.

To ensure that it continues to look it’s best on your ‘Big Day’ (whenever that may be) it’s best to store it in the right conditions. We stock Ireland’s largest selection of bridal boxes, all acid free and lignan free, designed to preserve your wedding dress for an extended period of time.

The box keeps your dress away from light, prevents it from getting dusty or dirty or from discolouring. Your wedding veil can also be stored in the same box.

The 'DOs' and 'DONTs' of Wedding Dress Storage

Cleaning Wedding Gowns

DON’T use coloured tissue paper, even acid free when storing your wedding dress. It contains dye which will affect the colour of the dress. Tissue paper to pack a wedding dress should be white and acid free … we’ll provide this along with your box

DON’T store your bridal box in a plastic bag – it needs to breathe

DON’T keep your bridal box in a damp environment or in direct sunlight.

DON’T worry – we have this!

DO make sure that you are using a box specifically designed for storing wedding dresses long term

DO make sure that your dress is perfectly clean before you put it into the box

DO used acid free tissue paper to protect your dress

DO store the box in a cool, dry environment

DO check your dress regularly to make sure it’s ok – some of our bridal boxes have ‘viewing windows’ which allow you to do this without exposing it to the environment

DO look forward to brighter days and walking up the aisle in your gorgeous dress

Wedding Gown in an acid free box

The Covid 'Box & Clean' Special Offer

With the ‘Box and Clean’ special offer, Cleaning Angel will …

  • Box your dress now
  • Press it before the wedding
  • Clean it after the wedding
  • Re-box it for you.
  • Make it affordable, by splitting the fee into affordable monthly amounts 

The ‘Box and Clean’ means that by the time your re-arranged wedding day comes around you’ve already arranged for & fully paid to have your wedding dress cleaned, pressed & boxed. Avoid the guilt after your wedding of looking at your wedding dress languishing in the corner thinking that you really should do something about it …

You’ll also ensure that your dress is safe and sound as you wait for your postponed wedding to come around as it’ll be stored in a specially designed bridal box.

We’ll make all of this affordable, by charging your an upfront fee then a small amount each month for the year.

Worried about your dress being creased when it comes out of the box. Don’t … we’ll press it before  it’s worn to ensure it looks it’s absolute best.

What’s not to like?



  • Acid and lignan free bridal box, specially designed to store your wedding dress for an extended period of time (a variety of sizes and designs available – click here for further details;
  • Advice on storing your boxed wedding dress;
  • Pressing your wedding dress and veil before your ‘Big Day’ when they come out of the box – no need to worry about creases and your wedding dress will look it’s absolute best as you proudly walk up the aisle (we can collect and return your dress to you for a small extra charge);
  • Collection of your wedding dress shortly after your wedding, from a location of your choosing in Dublin, Wicklow, Kildare or Meath. We’ll also collect your bridal box as you can re-use this; (The sooner your wedding dress is cleaned following your wedding the more likely all stains can be removed fully so this is an excellent idea);
  • Cleaning and pressing your wedding dress & veil;
  • Re-boxing your wedding dress & veil in your bridal box, using fresh acid free tissue paper
  • Return of your freshly cleaned and boxed wedding dress (& veil) to a location of your choosing in Dublin, Wicklow, Kildare or Meath

If there are any minor repairs that need to be made to your dress following your wedding, we can also look after this for you (extra charge applies).

We also offer discounted prices for cleaning and pressing Bridesmaid’s Dresses, Flowergirl Dresses, Groom’s Suits & Mother of the Bride Outfits when getting your wedding dress cleaned

What does it cost?

Bridal Preservation box
White Box (Standard Size)
Gold Wedding Dress Box
Gold Box (Standard Size)
Large Wedding Dress Storage Box
White Box (Extra Deep Size)
Gold wedding dress torage chest
Gold Box (Extra Deep Size)
Hand Made Wedding Dress Box Storage
Handmade Box (Standard Size)
Wedding Dress Storage Box
Wedding Dress Boxed in White Standard Sized Box (Lid Open)

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