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About Us – Cleaning Angel are Ireland’s Dry Cleaning Experts.

                  01 25 444 25

Our Customers

Cleaning Angel Dry Cleaners service customers who have specialist dry cleaner requirements such as wedding dress cleaning, Irish dancing costume cleaning and curtain cleaning. Cleaning Angel are expert dry cleaners with decades of experience.

Expertise & Experience

Cleaning Angel Dry Cleaners has extensive expert knowledge of providing high quality dry cleaning and laundry stain removal, cleaning and garment pressing.  Previously known as ‘Coyle Cleaners’, we have been in the dry cleaning and laundering business for nearly 50 years.  With very experienced skillful staff, we make sure that the time, care and attention required, combined with the skills and expert knowledge are used to ensure that the highest possible quality dry cleaning.  We always put our customers first.  We are specialist dry cleaners who focus on Wedding Dress Cleaning, Irish Dancing Costume Cleaning and Curtain Cleaning.  We clean everything except some leathers and suede.  Our team consists of experts with many years of experience.

We are the ‘Expert Dry Cleaners’ – we don’t send items to someone else, they send them to us!

We do all our own dry cleaning.  Today, almost all collection and delivery services and even many dry cleaners, send their dry cleaning to someone else to be done.  They have no cleaning expertise themselves.  The dry cleaning service doing the cleaning is typically the cheapest they can find.  You might also be surprised at the number of dry cleaning shops today who send their clothes out to be done by someone else!  Again, they have no expert cleaning knowledge or experience.  Cleaning Angel have invested in very experienced, knowledgeable and highly skilled expert pressers and dry cleaners.  We invest in our staff, training and equipment to make sure you always get the best possible quality.  Cleaning Angel stand over the quality you receive, because we have complete control of the entire process and it do it all ourselves.

Pride & Excellence

Cleaning Angel use the best dry cleaning equipment such as environmentally friendly fully enclosed dry cleaning machines, steam cabinets & Hoffmann presses, rather than the washing machines and ironing tables used by many other so called dry cleaners.  But we don’t just rely on our machines, all our garments are hand finished by experts.  This allows us to guarantee the quality of our work and ensures that you get the best possible service from us.  Our team takes great pride in the quality of our end result.

Quality Results

We have our very own ‘Dr Clean’, who oversees the quality of cleaning and pressing of every garment that leaves our store.  He is an expert who has been in the Dry Cleaning business for 38 years.  Whilst he obviously isn’t exactly a magician that can do anything, he always seems to know the right combination of solvents and techniques to sort almost everything.  This makes sure that your garments are always looking the best that they can be.


Cleaning Angel Location


Cleaning Angel Glasnevin map

Cleaning Angel
Hart’s Corner
14 Prospect Road
Dublin 9.

General Queries : 01 25 444 25
Wedding Dress Queries : 01 25 44 222

Email: [email protected]

Cleaning Angel is located on Harts Corner, Glasnevin a short distance from Dublin City Centre, near to Phibsborough Shopping Centre, Glasnevin, Drumcondra and Cabra.

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