Courier Insurance

When is Courier Insurance necessary?

Cleaning Angel offers two types of collection & delivery:

    1.  Cleaning Angel Van – collection / delivery by our own staff drivers & vans, directly to & from our shop   

    2.  Courier – commercial courier (typically GLS).  Collection or delivery takes approximately 3 days and goes through the courier’s normal parcel network.

Courier Insurance is only needed when you choose to use a courier.  It is not necessary to get courier insurance if we are collecting or delivering your dress directly. 

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What does Courier Insurance cover?

The insurance covers the replacement cost of your wedding dress.  You will have to prove the value of your dress, so please make sure that you have a receipt to prove the value of your dress.  In the unlikely event where your dress is lost during courier collection / delivery, we will help you process your claim with the insurance company providing the courier insurance and the courier company.  We will support you in any way we can during the process, including providing documentary proof.

How much does Courier Insurance cost?

Courier Insurance costs €1.10 per €100 stated value of your dress.  Please only insure your dress for a value that you can stand over with a receipt.

Packaging Instructions

Your dress should always be shipped in a cardboard or rigid box. Secure your dress in a heavy duty plastic bag, such as a heavy duty refuse sack, then put it in the larger box. Please seal any seams or flaps on the outer box with strong tape. Use additional packing materials such as padded envelopes, bubble wrap, paper, foam pad, making sure movement of goods is restricted.

As your dress will be dropped off several times during transportation, please make sure your package can survive dropping.

Nothing on the packaging or label should reveal the nature or value of your item.

Beware of wording that might inadvertently express a reference to the content of your package. Obvious words that relate directly to your dress are strictly prohibited.

Where a declared value is necessary with the courier company, we recommend declaring very low carriage value.

Before shipping always take a few pictures of your item and its packaging with the label visible.

If there are any problems when you receive your dress, or if the dress has not arrived 7 days after the dress was shipped, please contact us immediately.

Do not throw away damaged packages or boxes: pictures will be requested when you file your claim.

How do I arrange Courier Insurance?

Simply tell the Cleaning Angel staff member that you are dealing with that you would like to take out courier insurance and they will make arrangements for that.  You will need to tell them the value you would like to put on your dress for insurance and the cost of insurance will then be added to your overall total.

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