Commercial Laundry Contracts

Dry Cleaning Service in your Office

A Real Staff Benefit, at no cost to you. We provide offices with a high quality dry cleaning & alterations service, directly in your office. Cleaning Angel provide a office dry cleaning service to many different companies across the city. See our dedicated page for more information.

Hotels / Offices / B&Bs / Hair Salons / Barber Shops / Cleaning Businesses / Event Companies

We take care of the commercial laundry & dry cleaning needs of many businesses both large and small and are always looking to expand.  If you have an on-going requirement for dry cleaning or laundering, whether your business is a hairdresser or a hotel, come and talk to us.
  • Credit Terms available
  • Always Completed On Time – to Your Schedule
  • Excellent Quality Always
  • Competitive Costs
  • Collection & Delivery
Give Sean or Fidelma a ring on 01 25 444 25 for further details and pricing. Our aim is to provide you with excellent quality cleaning combined with great personal service of one of the owners at good value pricing. 

Dry Cleaners / Laundrettes / Alteration Businesses

We have significant experience providing laundering & dry cleaning needs of Dry Cleaners, Launderettes and Alterations businesses and are always looking to expand.  If you’re looking for a reliable Dry Cleaning suppliera change in supplier, want to step back from having to keep your own machinery going, or are starting new, come and talk to us. We’ll provide you with:
  • Consistent & Superb Quality Product
  • On Time Turnaround of Customer Items
  • Detailed, accurate weekly records of work completed
  • Very Competitive Rates
  • Collection & Delivery

Experience, Knowledge, Reliability

The feedback that we always get from our customers is that we give an excellent product, are easy to deal with and always committed to our customers. Cleaning Angel and Coyle Cleaners before it, has been in business for over 40 years.  Over this time, we have learned to always ensure that our customers and your customers are happy.  That is our constant goal.  We do this through:
  1. Great Quality
  2. On Time, All the Time
  3. Reasonable Pricing
Contact the Owners directly for any further queries: Sean or Fidelma on 01 25 44 222