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Wedding Dress Storage Box

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Your wedding day is special and so is your wedding dress.  You want to make sure that your dress will be properly and caringly cleaned so that it will last a lifetime:  Keep it for posterity and share it with your daughters.  Its important to get your Wedding Dress Preservation right.

Given over 40 years of experience of cleaning bridal gowns, no one will do a better job.

Every wedding dress gets personal care and attention – we pride ourselves on the quality of our workmanship.  Your wedding dress will be cleaned, pressed and brought back to its former glory, ready to be stored and kept forever.

As an optional extra, why not consider our wedding dress preservation box service?  After being lovingly cleaned and pressed, your dress will be carefully packed into a specially designed wedding dress box for safekeeping.  You can be reminded of your wedding day whenever you want.  As there is a window in the top of the box, you can view it easily without the hassle of even having to take it out of the box.  The dress is surrounded with acid free tissue paper in the box and presented under the window so that it can be admired for years to come.

Other Dry Cleaners and Bridal Shops around Dublin, Kildare, Meath & Wicklow use us for their wedding dresses, as we are simply the best at what we do.

Wedding Dress Preservation Box

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Tips for Storing your Wedding Dress

1) Clean it!  Have the dress dry cleaned, by a dry cleaner who specialises in cleaning wedding dresses. Cleaning removes stains that may not be immediately apparent and may up show later.  The solvents used in dry cleaning can also deter insects.

2) Be Sensible!  Follow some simple rules: Store it in a dry, dark & warm (not hot) place.

3) Box it!  But don’t just box it in any box, use a purpose built wedding dress box.  The box needs to be sturdy enough to eliminate light, protect your dress from dust and accidents.  It also needs to be breathable i.e. not plastic, and be pH neutral i.e. contain no acid or alkali. A box made of heavy board with a fitted lid will protect from insects providing there are no gaps between lid and base.  Our wedding boxes fulfill all of these criteria.

4) Beware Acid!  Always store your wedding dress in a pH neutral medium (acid free), with acid free tissue paper. Be aware, that if you store your dress in acid free tissue paper, but place that in a non acid free box, the tissue paper will soak up the acid and you would need to change the tissue paper regularly in order to avoid problems.

5) Check It!  Once packed away, check on your dress every year or so.  If you unpack it and repack it, this will ensure that creases don’t become permanent.  We include a set of white cotton gloves in your box to allow you to do this without transferring the oils on your fingers to the dress.

6) Store It Properly!  If you keep your Wedding Dress Box in a warm dry spare room that has no history of insects (i.e. not your attic), then insect damage, damp etc will be minimised and your dress can survive for many years to come.

Use our Wedding Calculator to get a quote, you may be surprised at how reasonably priced we are!  Alternatively, you can bring your dress in to our store on Hart’s Corner, 14 Prospect Road, Glasnevin, or call us on 01 25 44 222.  We offer a free collection & delivery service throughout Dublin, Wicklow, Meath and Kildare!