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Specialist Curtain Cleaners & Drapery Cleaning,  Cleaning Angel are amongst Dublins best Curtain Cleaners, always striving to provide an excellent service to our customers.  This Calculator is designed to quickly and easily give you curtain cleaning prices for your own curtains.  For more information on cleaning your curtains, visit our curtain cleaning page.

Specialist Curtain Cleaning
Curtain Cleaning Price Calculator


Please Note: 

Not all curtains can be cleaned – typically, it’s the lining that causes problems.


Do my curtains have rubberised blackout lining?

Feel the lining on your curtains, if they feel like pure cotton, then you’re okay!  If on the other hand, there is a slight rubber like texture, then you have rubberised blackout curtain lining. 

Curtains with a rubberised lining causes major problems.  Over the years, sunlight heats the glue that bonds the rubber and fabric and breaks it down.  This normally isn’t apparent until the curtain is treated with cleaning solvents.  The weakened state of the bond leads to the rubber coming off the lining in strips!

Lining which is treated in fire retardant, loses their fire retardant properties in the cleaning process.  So be aware, that you are comfortable with this, before you decide to purchase or subsequently clean your curtains. 

Interlinked curtains with cotton or poly cotton lining are typically fine to be cleaned.

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