Irish Dancing Costume Cleaning

Irish Dancing Dress Cleaning
Irish Dancing Costume Cleaning

Irish Dancing Dress Cleaning

After spending a lot of money on your Irish Dancing Costume, you want to make sure that the dry cleaners that you give  it to, are very good at what they do and are expert at cleaning Irish dancing dresses! 

We specialise in Irish Dancing Costume Cleaning and understand the challenges they pose.


Special Offer

€55 for any Irish Dancing Costume Cleaning

€39 per costume for a group of team costumes

Irish Dancing Cleaning


No two Irish dancing dresses are the same, so before we accept your dress, we will examine it and appraise you of any concerns we may have and what our considered best approach would be for your dress.  Many dresses are suitable for delicate dry cleaning, whilst some others may only be suitable for a spot clean.  We are Irish Dancing Dress Cleaning Experts.


If your costume is suitable for dry cleaning, we will initially examine it in detail – inch by inch – on our spotting table and pre-treat all areas requiring extra attention.  Each Irish dancing costume is different, however we typically find stains on the front of the dress and then there is a lot of false tan inside the dress – under the arms etc.      


Then your dress will be delicately dry cleaned. Please note that during the cleaning process any crystals, beads etc whose bond to the dress is weak, will inevitably come off.  Our machine will capture all of these during the process and we will put them in to a small bag for you.  This will allow you to subsequently reattach these to your costume with a glue gun.


Your dress will then be carefully pressed by a very experienced dry cleaner, whose own daughter is an Irish Dancer!  Each layer is pressed separately and this is hand finished to make sure that the finished product looks great.
Irish Dancing Dress Cleaning
Irish Dancing Costume Cleaning


Each Irish dancing dress is individually priced, however they typically cost approximately €55.

A group of team costumes will be cleaned for €37 per costume.

We are happy to do special offers for dancing schools in advance of competitions etc.  Please contact us on 01 25 444 25 option 2 for more information on special deals.


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