In Office Building Dry Cleaning Service

Office Dry Cleaning = Valuable Staff Benefit, at no cost to you.

Cleaning Angel provide many dry cleaning and laundry type services to businesses across county Dublin.  We also offer legal, technology, financial service and other type of offices with a high quality dry cleaning, laundry and alterations service, directly in your office.  We provide 3 types of ‘in-house’ office service:

    1. ‘Pop-Up’.  We set up a ‘pop-up’ dry cleaners in your office, two days per week.  With this option, we visit your offices on two agreed days each week and set up a counter somewhere in you building, pre-agreed with you to provide an in-office dry cleaning service.  For example, we can set up in your staff restaurant, beside your post room, near your reception, in a break-out area etc.  Our staff member will man the counter for approximately an hour and a half.  They will be able to provide advise to your staff on any laundry & dry cleaning matters, for example stain removal, clothing alterations or repairs.  Garments will be turned around in time for our following visit.  With Office Dry |Cleaning, your staff are charged directly by us at pre-agreed prices and as all our income is declared for VAT and income, we have no issues with accepting credit & debit cards as well as cash.  Depending on the number of garments received, your staff will get 10% – 20% discount from our usual already very competitive retail prices.
    1. In-House Collection Area.  You chose one of your existing facilities management areas, such as reception, the post-room, restaurant or cafe as the designated drop-off / collection point for your office dry cleaning.  Your staff simply drop their garments in a bag to the nominated area.  We then collect all items twice a week (or more depending on volumes) and deliver them back to you typically on our next visit.  How much you charge is up to you and this is something that we can help you with – this is an opportunity for the restaurant, shop or cafe to get some extra income, or if you prefer, an opportunity for you to subsidise the costs for your staff.  We invoice you directly for all garments cleaned on a monthly basis.  The prices charged will reflect a pre-agreed discount off our usual already very competitive retail prices.
    1. Ad Hoc.  We collect and deliver on a ‘as-needed’ basis. This is typically done where there is not a regular demand for dry cleaning and whilst there is no discount offered, collection & delivery is done complimentary.


Important to note:

Cleaning Angel is fully regulated, insured and approved.  Cleaning Angel is fully compliant all legal, regulatory and environmental guidelines.  Cleaning Angel is committed to conducting business according to all laws and regulations.  

You can check that your supplier’s compliance certificate is up to date on the following list, if they are not on this list at all, then they should in no way be providing you with dry cleaning services:

About Us:

Cleaning Angel are Specialist Dry Cleaners, providing dry cleaning services to Dublin since 1974.  We are a good team who take real pride in providing a very good quality service to our customers.  Cleaning Angel is one of Dublin’s larger dry cleaning businesses serving retail, commercial and wholesale markets. 

Our Compliance:

        • We are fully insured with a combined insurance policy. Our full insurance policy is available for your inspection. 
        • We are in full compliance and fully up to date with all inspections – environmental, machinery, pressure vessels, fire, electrical, safety etc. 
        • We are properly registered and regulated and operate in accordance with all appropriate European & Irish laws and regulations.


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