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Our Services

Cleaning Angel is a full service Dry Cleaners based in Glasnevin, Dublin, offering:

  •   Dry Cleaning
  •   Laundry
  •   Clothing Repair & Alterations
  •   Wedding Dress Cleaning
  •   Curtain Cleaning
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Dry Cleaning

Suits, Coats, Jackets, Trousers, Skirts whether business, casual or formal, we carefully clean, hand finish and inspect all garments ready for you to wear.

Our expert cleaners and pressers will ensure that your clothes are treated with the care and attention that they deserve.  This is what we are best at!

We are stain professionals, with a variety of commercial solvents, specialist tools and techniques which are only available to the dry cleaning trade.

When you combine these with years of experience, we can tackle many stains that other cleaners shy away from!

So if any of your clothes have stains, let us know, we love a challenge!

Expert gentle cleaning of silk and other delicate garments is a specialty.

Beaded gowns – not a problem!

Wash & Fold

All bags of laundry which we wash, dry and fold are priced by weight.

Our pricing is simple, as it is only €2.95 per kilo.

Our minimum bag wash charge is 5 Kg – €14.75

Only €2.95 per kg.

Price includes Fabric Softener & Colour Catcher.

Pressing / Ironing Service

We iron and press a wide variety of items, from clothes to bed linen.

We can also starch table cloths and shirts.

See our pricing page for full details of costs.

Wedding Dress Cleaning & Preservation

Your wedding day is very special.

Whether you want to get your dress cleaned and pressed perfectly in advance, or you want to get cleaned and pressed to keep as a memento of the day, we can work magic on your wedding gown.

We have years of experience in making sure that you get the best possible results.

Check out our Wedding Dress Page for more information.

Specially preserved elegant boxes with a viewing window are available upon request.


Whilst curtains are not subjected to the daily wear and tear that other things are, they do get dirty over time and can harbour some unpleasant odours.

Cleaning your curtains provides a healthy environment for you and your family, improves the appearance of your curtains and keeps your house smelling fresh.

Check out our Curtains Page for more information.

Alterations & Repairs

Our professional tailor can handle any repairs your garments may need.

Simple seam repair and hems, as well as original hems and jacket alterations – no job is too small.

We also repair Leathers, Curtains, etc.


Shirt Cleaning & Pressing Service

Shirts are one of the main items that we clean.

Firstly, your shirt will be closely examined for any stains.

Any stains identified as well as normal soiling on the shirt will be treated to make sure that your shirt ends up as clean as possible.

The shirt will then be cleaned in line with the manufacturers recommendations.

Finally, the shirt will be pressed, if needed starched, and finally hand finished to make sure that we get the best possible result.


Dry Clean / Launder   €3.95 per shirt

We will Dry Clean, then press your shirts and put them either on a hanger or folded in a protective package, your choice.


Press / Iron   €2.95 per shirt

We will press your clean shirts and put them either on a hanger or folded in a protective package, your choice.


Shirt Special Offers

  • 5 shirts Cleaned for €14.95
  • 5 shirts Pressed for €12.95
  • 10 shirts Cleaned for €28.95
  • 10 shirts Pressed for €24.95


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