Alterations & Repairs

Clothing Alterations and Repairs

Cleaning Angel has years of Clothing Alteration and Repairs experience.  We can alter and repair almost any garment or item.

Using best tailor practices and adhering to the highest quality tailoring standards, we focus on quality. 

Some of our repair and alterations services:

Trousers / Jeans

Re-sew hemAlterations and Repairs
Shorten Trousers,
Alter waist,
Taper legs,
Replace zip,
Re-stitch button,
New Loops,
Fix Pocket,
Repair seam


Take in sides,
Shorten Sleeves,
Re-stitch button.

Jackets / Coats

Shorten JacketZip Repair
Shorten Sleeves,
Replace Zip,
Replace Lining,
New Vents,
Repair seam


Shorten Hem,
Replace existing top of curtain


Shorten Hem,
Replace Zip

Cushion Covers

Make New Cushion Cover
Replace Zip

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