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Office Curtain Cleaning

Curtain Specialists

Cleaning Angel is a full service professional dry cleaners who proudly specialise in office curtain dry cleaning.  Cleaning Angel has significant experience in this space having cleaned office curtains of some of Ireland’s biggest companies and multi-nationals.  We have also cleaned delicate historic curtains for some of Dublin’s best known buildings. 

Curtains are spot cleaned to remove stains, then cleaned thoroughly and finally the curtains will be pressed to give them the best finish possible.  Your curtains will get the care and attention of an expert dry cleaner to ensure that they we get the best results possible.  That’s where our years of experience and knowledge comes in.  We will examine the curtains in detail and highlight any potential issues to you in advance of cleaning. 

Cleaning Angel provide an end-to-end service including taking down your office curtains, cleaning pressing and then putting your curtains back up.


Office Curtains Cleaning
Corporate Curtain Cleaning


For allergy sufferers in particular, cleaning curtains regularly will provide significant relief to indoor allergy symptoms.  Dry Cleaning will get rid of those horrible dust mites that can cause all kinds of difficulties for young and old alike.  Cleaning your Office Curtains on a regular basis will ensure that your staff are not suffering.  In addition to this, you’ll notice less dust in the office as well!  Whilst nothing will completely remove mould that has been in your curtains for years and years, the dry cleaning process will completely kill the mould spores, making the curtains perfectly safe.


Why Clean Curtains ?

Curtains are one of those things that, as you see them every day, you often don’t notice the very gradual build up of dirt on them.  But even if they don’t look dirty to you, curtain cleaning goes a long way to helping to keep your office clean and dust free.  Regular cleaning of curtains will both prolong their life and make your office a cleaner and healthier environment.  

Over time, dirt accumulates and begin to make your window drapes look tired. This accumulation will also drastically affect your indoor air quality. Every time the curtains are opened or closed, every time person brushes against them, the dust and other debris gets disturbed and begins swirling around in the office. You’ll find that debris can also settle on your furniture and carpets where they’re often a bit more obvious.  Whilst we dust and hoover these on a regular basis, our curtains are often neglected!

Dublin Office
Curtain Dry Cleaners

Curtain Cleaning Process

Our cleaning process initially examines the fabric to identify the most appropriate approach to cleaning.  Most curtains are dry clean only, but there are some which can also be washed carefully in a commercial machine.

We then examine every inch of the curtains for any stains and treat each of those with steam or specific specialist solvents.  Different stains are treated with different solvents.  Then the curtains are cleaned in accordance with the manufacturers recommendations.  They are then re-examined to ensure that all stains have been removed and if not, those stains will be re-treated and the curtains re-cleaned.

Unfortunately some stains can get set in the threads over time and no amount of cleaning will remove them.  Regular cleaning removes this risk and ensures we can get you the best result possible.

Finally, your curtains are pressed and hand finished to look their best.  Irrespective whether you have pleated curtains, rod pocket, box pleat, pinch pleat, tailored pleat or goblet curtains, our pressing will make them look their best.

Specialist Curtain Cleaners

Specialist Curtain Cleaners & Drapery Cleaning, Cleaning Angel are Dublin’s best Curtain Cleaners, always providing excellent service to our customers.  Even so, not all curtains can be cleaned – typically, it’s the lining that causes problems.

Curtains with a rubberised or boned lining causes problems, as the sunlight heats the glue used to bond the material and breaks it down.  This isn’t apparent until the curtain is treated with our cleaning solvents, when the lining then de-bonds typically in strips the exact shape of the window!

Fire retardant treated lining which is cleaned, loses the fire retardant properties in the cleaning process, so this is something that it’s important that you are aware of before you decide to buy or clean these types of curtains.

Interlinked curtains with cotton or poly cotton lining are typically fine to be cleaned.

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