Wedding Dress Cleaning during Covid

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We are all trying to play our part during Covid, but the uncertainty is obviously having a disproportionate impact on couples getting married. So should you get your dress cleaned and when and how should you store your dress in the mean time?

Well if you’ve decided to just go ahead with a small wedding now, that is the most straightforward situation to deal with. As a general rule, the sooner you get your dress cleaned after your wedding, the more successful the cleaning will be. So don’t leave it for many months, just give us a ring and we’d be thrilled to collect your dress and clean it for you.

If however you have decided to put the wedding off until you can put your wedding plan fully in to action, then your situation is a little more complex. Your bridal shop will likely be asking you to collect your dress soon. In this situation, you need to think about how to safely store your dress between now and your wedding. Cleaning Angel provide wonderful wedding dress boxes which will protect your dress for decades. If you purchase a wedding dress box now, then after your wedding, we’ll happily box your dress back in this same box again after its been cleaned at no extra cost. We also provide a wedding dress pressing service, where we will press a wedding dress that’s been stored for a while and make it look fabulous again.

If you have any queries or questions on how to best look after your wedding dress to ensure it looks great for your special day, or indeed any wedding dress cleaning queries, then don’t hesitate to call us on 01 2544222.

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