Wedding Dress Cleaning and Boxing during these strange Covid 19 times

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Wedding Dress Cleaning and Boxing
Beautiful Boxed Wedding Dress

In these strange days of Covid, when weddings are getting cancelled or delayed, what to do to keep your gown good for the day is a source of concern for many brides. We are getting a number of calls from brides asking us how do they make sure their gown doesn’t spoil between now and their wedding day, and whether they shuold be looking at getting their wedding dress cleaned and boxed.

The best way to keep your wedding dress good for your wedding day is to take it out of the cover that the dress came in and get it boxed, using a specially designed wedding gown box. The cover is only really designed to keep the dress for the short term. Specialist wedding dress dry cleaners such as ourselves (Cleaning Angel), Elegant Cleaning or Bridal Cleaning, carry the right boxes and you don’t need to get your gown cleaned in order to get a box from us. In fact, having bought a box from us, if you get the dress cleaned by us after the day, we will happily re-pack it in to that box for you. This way, it costs you exactly the same as getting your wedding dress cleaning and boxing irrespective of the fact that you’ve boxed your gown early!

No matter where you source the box from, make sure that you are getting a box which is both acid free and lignan free, and make sure that you use acid free tissue paper to pack your gown in the box. Some non-specialist dry cleaners and others sell inferior (cheaper to them) products which can lead to the acid / lignans from the box seeping in to the gown which then starts to yellow. Specialist dry cleaners should always hold a range of their boxes in stock to cater for wedding dress cleaning and boxing.

Keep your box in a dry, warm place at home and your gown will last however long you need and look beautiful on your special day.

The cost of getting your wedding dress cleaned and boxed?

Take a look at our price calculator to see how much it would cost to get for your wedding dress cleaned here and take a look at our range of boxes here.

If you have any queries, on the best way to keep your gown, ring us on 01 2544222 and we’ll help you any way we can.

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