Some of our recent Wedding Dress Cleaning and Preservations

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Wedding Dress Cleaning

The last thing you think about before the wedding is wedding dress cleaning, but it should be one of the first afterwards! The sooner you get your wedding dress cleaned after the wedding, the better it will turn out. We specialise in wedding dress cleaning and spend a lot of our week on them. Our aim is to provide great quality cleaning at reasonable prices. That’s why we’re the dry cleaner of choice for many bridal shops as well both brides to clean their wedding dresses around Dublin, Kildare, Meath and Wicklow . Always look to get a reputable specialist to clean your dress, that way you will get the best possible results.

We take pride in making sure that they look as amazing as possible when they leave us. We also provide wedding dress preservation boxes and there’s no doubt but that dresses look great in them!

Photos of some Recent Wedding Dresses

Here is a selection of photos of just some of the wedding dresses that we cleaned and preserved over the last few weeks!

Wedding Dress in Box
Wedding Dress Storage Box
Wedding Dress Storage Box
Wedding Dress Box
Wedding Dress Preservation Box
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